McDermott steps down as USA coach

Date: 12/4/18 (Photo Credit Davey Wilson)

Brian McDermott has stepped down as head coach of the United States national team.

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Opinion: Enough with fake news whining about Denver Test

By Brian Lowe, Date: 6/4/18

Unless something unexpected comes in from left field, the much talked about Rugby League International Challenge match looks set to go ahead as planned in Denver this northern hemisphere summer.

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Rugby League revival in Midwest USA

By Brian Lowe, Date: 8/3/18

It has been some time since we last heard anything from the Midwest Rugby League, almost eight years, but that doesn’t mean the game has been dormant, in fact far from it.

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Clubs to get more say in USA Rugby League

By Brian Lowe, Date: 6/3/18

The much-anticipated USA Rugby League annual general meeting has paved the way for a restructure of the league’s decision-making process into the future.

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AGM pivotal for future direction of Rugby League in USA

By Brian Lowe, Date: 1/3/18

The USA Rugby League’s (USARL) AGM is set for this weekend in Jacksonville, FL, and it could turn out to be pivotal for the game in America.

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