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Copperheads fundraiser features Wigan jersey

By Brian Lowe,

As most rugby league clubs do during the offseason, and many continue do so all year long, the USARL’s Southwest Florida Copperheads are undertaking fundraising efforts to raise money for the American domestic season later this year.

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Rival codes get the jump on rugby league

By Brian Lowe

Rugby League fans could be forgiven for thinking rival codes are moving ahead with plans to expand in the United States, and more particularly Los Angeles, while the 13-man code spins its wheels.

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USA South All-Stars to host Jamaica A

By Brian Lowe, Photo Credit: Gene Thorpe Photography

The USA’s South All-Stars will host Jamaica A in an international representative preseason game later this spring in Florida.

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US clubs better placed financially; Midwest still not ready: AGM

By Brian Lowe, (Photo: Allene Rachal)

The USA Rugby League LLC has held its annual general meeting and according to reports tabled by 10 of the league’s 11 teams in attendance in Tampa, Florida, most seem to be headed in a positive direction financially.

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