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UK to Launch Rugby X

In a bid to attract a generation of new players and combat a rise in crime from young people in inner cities, the UK has created a new form of rugby. It works under the same premise as T20 Cricket, so it is a cut-down, faster to play and easier to understand version of the sport that importantly can be played without posts. It will make its debut at the O2 Arena in London in October this year and will be supported by many big names from the game as bets.co.za reports.

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First rugby league played in Belarus

Rugby league has been played in Belarus for the first time, following a four team 9s tournament held in Rechista. The home side faced Kyiv and Rivne from the Ukraine and a side from Moscow.

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Rugby League betting on the rise

It’s going to be another exciting year in the world of rugby league. Lots of matches taking place regardless of whether you are in the southern or northern hemispheres and that means plenty of chances to place some bets, hopefully winning ones.

Rugby league has become a sport that is growing in popularity as far as gamblers are concerned. Major bookmakers such as Bet365 Magyar are constantly offering odds on the sport, whether it be ante-post betting, pre-match betting or in-play action.

The betting markets available cover all the major rugby league events and some not so major. If you want to place a bet on who will win the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, there’s no need to wait a couple of years. Odds are available right now, so place a bet and you could get hold of some excellent prices that will shorten between now and the start of the tournament. There are tons going on, so let’s read more about what is on offer.

Betting Opportunities Galore

In the UK, there are plenty of opportunities to be placing bets on rugby league. As you might expect the Super League gets massive coverage, but sites also give odds on the National Rugby League. At one time, when you wanted to place a bet on rugby league, there was a limited number of markets that you could try and get some winnings on. That’s all changed now and for the top games there are over 150 different markets that you can choose from.

Of course, there’s the usual win/lose/draw odds but there’s far more than that. If a top team is up against a side down at the bottom of the table, the odds on the top side winning will be very prohibitive. However, handicap betting is the answer to the problem, and this produces considerably better odds.

Other odds available include the first, last and anytime try-scorers. The second and third of those markets are great to bet on as your bet can be alive for the entire match. You can also place bets on:

  • how many points will be scored in a match
  • The number of tries scored.
  • The winning margin.
  • Which half will see the most points scored.
  • The first scoring play
  • How many tries will be scored in a certain time period

The big advantage with these kinds of bets is that you don’t have to successfully name the winners of the game. That’s ideal if it’s a close match and you just aren’t sure who is going to be the victor.

In-Play Betting

Betting on rugby league isn’t just about placing bets before the game and hoping you get a winner. Recent years have seen the arrival of in-play betting so now you can bet on games as they take place. It’s an exciting way of betting with the odds constantly changing depending on what’s happening on the pitch. You can also cash out your bets, ending them before the match reaches its natural conclusion.


The way we bet has changed just as rugby league has over the years. With a whole host of matches to place bets on and a massive number of markets (including in-play coverage), an exciting time lies ahead when betting on this sport.

Different ways of betting on rugby league

Not so long ago, sports betting was seen as something of a subculture among fans. It was something for those who understood the mysteries of the betting shop, or perhaps those who had set up a telephone account and could call up their bookmaker to place their bets.

The internet age has opened up a whole host of sporting experiences to new audiences, but perhaps betting is the most significant. These days, there are websites and betting apps by the dozen, and everyday fans enjoy putting a dollar or two on their team so they can share in their success – even if it is just to the tune of a round of drinks to celebrate.

Of course, accessibility is one thing, but you still need to know what you are doing to avoid simply throwing money away. Here are some tips to help understand the different types of rugby league bets you can place.

The money line

This is the most straightforward type of bet and one with which you will be familiar, at least conceptually. Also known as the match odds, you are simply betting on which team will win. The bookmaker will provide odds for each team, and sometimes there will also be the possibility to back the draw. Naturally, the team seen as the strongest will have the shorter odds, so it is up to you whether you will take the safer option of backing the favourite or go out on a limb and back the underdog – call it right, and you could get a healthy pay day.

Handicap odds

Sometimes described as the Asian Handicap, this is a type of bet that has its origins in soccer but is rapidly spreading to other sports. You can read full details about exactly how it works by studying the Unibet Asian handicap rules, but in short, the bookmaker will offer a range of odds on a handicap basis, and you bet on which team will win after the handicap has been applied. The idea originated in Indonesia, which is how it came by its name, and it is now the most popular form of sports bet of them all.

Futures betting

In general, the longer you leave it to place your bet, the better picture you have of who is likely to win, as you know the latest form, any injuries and so on. Futures betting turns this concept on its head. If you place your bet well in advance, there are more unknowns, and therefore the bookmaker will offer longer odds. Futures betting makes sense if you know you are going to back your team in a major tournament no matter what – for example if you intend to back Australia in the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. Here, it pays to put your money down as early as possible when the odds are at their longest.

Totals betting

This final type of bet has nothing to do with who wins or loses. The bookmaker will set what he thinks will be the total points scored in a game, and you can then make an over or under bet, depending on whether you think it will be more or less. He will set his number at a non-integer (eg 30.5) to negate the risk of getting it exactly right. It’s a great type of bet to place in an evenly matched game where it is hard to call a winner.

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