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First Cameroon rugby league season successfully completed

Date: 13/12/18

The inaugural Cameroon Rugby League XIII champions have been crowned at the end of the opening season after Black Boys De Douala defeated Taureau RL 10-0 in the men’s Grand Final, and Rock defeated Raiders 4-0 in the women’s.

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Albania become 39th member of the Rugby League European Federation

Date: 12/12/18

Albania has become the 39th member nation of the RLEF after they were granted Observer status, further strengthening the sport in the Balkans.

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England should play to their strength, they should attack

Even though they are not playing particularly well England have shown over the last few matches that they have the fight in them. Much has been made of the attacking prowess of this England squad but they aren’t playing an attacking game of late. It is about time they start fielding a team that takes the game to their opposition and attacks all out.

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Esports at the Olympics? What about Rugby League?

Photo by Jonas de Carvalho / CC BY-SA 2.0

Yes, you read that right, eSports could very well be an event at the summer Olympics in 2024. Recent discussions with the IOC have lent more credence to the rumors that this could, in fact, happen which led us to beg the question; ‘what is wrong with rugby league?’

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