Lastest Rugby League World Rankings - Australia's position under threat

Date: 30/11/14

For the first time since the rugby league world rankings were introduced, Australia’s position at the head of them is under threat.

Should New Zealand - who beat the Kangaroos in the recent Four Nations final in Christchurch to pick up their first-ever trophy on home soil - defeat the Green and Gold’s in next year’s Anzac Test and England on their three match autumn tour, they will go into top spot.

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Rugby League International Board predicts bright future & USARL now Affiliate Members of the RLIF

Date: 1/11/14

As Rugby League prepares for an exceptional weekend of international competition with crucial games in both hemispheres, the Chairman of the RLIF, Nigel Wood took some time to reflect upon the recent RLIF Board Meeting held in Brisbane.

"There was a clear determination by all around the table to progress the cause of international rugby league. It was a very constructive and progressive meeting"

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Rugby League international Federation issues staunch defence of eligibility rules

Date: 7/10/17

The Rugby League international Federation has issued a staunch defence of its eligibility rules in the face of criticism in some quarters over recent national selections.

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Rugby League European Federation discusses strategic calendar

Date: 21/9/17

The RLEF Board has begun discussions about the instigation of a wider European calendar at its latest meeting in their new offices near London Bridge, including evolving the three-tier European Championship and expanding age group competition.

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Rugby League International Federation announce 14 teams to participate in Commonwealth Championships

Date: 15/9/17

Having received expressions of interest from 17 Commonwealth nations, the Rugby League International Federation has announced the 14 teams who will participate in the 2018 Commonwealth Championships to be held in Moreton Bay, Queensland in February 2018.

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Visitors Red Star win inaugural Perun Cup as rugby league boosted in Bulgaria

Date: 31/8/17

Bulgarian Rugby League has received a major boost following the first international tri-sided club tournament, held in Pernik.

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Jamaica shines as RLEF annual report shows further growth

Date: 4/7/16

The RLEF has published its 2016 annual report focussing on increasing participation numbers, strengthening the membership and building a more corporate body.

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Two new nations in rugby league world rankings


Date: 15/5/17

Australia will go into the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in November, which they will co-host with New Zealand, further strengthened in number one position in the World Rankings after their Anzac Test victory over the Kiwis.

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Kangaroo, Kiwi and Lions Tours back on the schedule


Date: 9/5/17

The next four-year International Rugby League calendar has been confirmed today (May 9th 2017) at a meeting of the Board of the Rugby League International Federation in Sydney. Headlining the calendar is the return of Kangaroos and Lions Tours.

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