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Legion XIII win Ukraine Rugby League Championship Final

Date: 10/10/14

Over the weekend the Final Rugby League games between the best Ukrainian teams were held at the "Star" stadium in Kharkiv. Those teams had a chance to uphold an honour of their cities: RLC "Legion XIII" Kharkiv, RLC "Kribass" Krivoy Rog, RLC "Titan" Donetsk, RLC "CEPU" from Simferopol.

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Rugby League taken to regional areas in Ukraine

Date: 1/10/14

On the 27th of September Ukraine Rugby League took the Greatest Game of All to Pesochin a town just outside Kharkiv in Ukraine. Working with the sports club in the area Kars, Ukraine Rugby League put on a display for the local kids to try their hand at rugby league.

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Rugby League on display at Ukraine Sports Fair

Date: 22/9/14

Under the slogan ‘Unity in Sport’, the Ukrainian Rugby League has scheduled their Grand Finals day, to climax the Championship season, at the prestigious Star Stadium in Kharkiv, on the 4th and 5th October.

Four teams have made the deciders from the two pools of regular season competition, encompassing eight sides in all, the semi-finals seeing Legion XIII, Kharkiv taking on RC Kivvy Rog Rhinos and Titans, Donetsk facing CEPU, Simferopol on the Saturday.

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Ukraine and RLEF thank Rugby League Development Fund members

Date: 11/8/14

With news reaching the Ukraine Rugby League that they had won the $3000 RLDF grant. UFRL President Artur Martyrosyan responds to Rugby League Development Fund Members!

"Thank you for the GREAT NEWS!!!"

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