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Spain taste victory in their first-ever rugby league test match

Espana Rugby LeagueDate: 27/5/14

BELGIUM 10 SPAIN 12 – Brussels

Spain came from 10-2 down just before the hour to defeat Belgium 12-10 in the their first-ever rugby league Test encounter.

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New rugby league club formed in Spain

Spain Rugby LeagueDate: 20/5/14

Almogàvers XIII Valencia, under the chairmanship of Kike Bolis, have become the sixth team to be accepted into the new Spanish Rugby League fraternity.

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Spain will face Belgium in rugby league international in May

Spanish Rugby League

Date: 18/5/14

The AERL - Spanish Association of Rugby League - is working hard to promote the sport in the country, the national team – who face Belgium in their first-ever international on May 24th having taken delivery of the inaugural kit – exclusive picture below.

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Spanish Rugby League - the story so far

Spanish Rugby LeagueDate: 17/4/14

The Spanish Rugby League project was founded in February 2013 by the hand of Salome Sansano, Aitor Davila and Matt Dulley and a group of Spanish fans at Rugby League.

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