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Philippines team Albay Vulcans get to play their first game of Rugby League

Date: 25/11/2015, Philippines, Legazpi, Bohol

Ric Raymond Bellen the founder of the Albay Vulcans Rugby Club is not new to “The Greatest Game of All”. He was a Board member of the Philippines National Rugby League (PNRL) in 2013 and was instrumental in organising local Filipino teams for the October 2013 PNRL Clark 9s tournament with Tom Simpson.

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Manila Storm put in a credible performance against Hong Kong Residents


Date: 9/11/15

On September 1 four Filipinos answered Timothy Buipe, a Papua New Guinea (PNG) national living in the Philippines call, for Filipinos in Manila to try a new sport; "The Greatest Game of All" - Rugby League, in the Philippines field of heroes, Rizal Park and the Manila Storm was born.

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Manila play Inaugural RL match against Hong Kong Residents


Date: 18/10/15

It was the 3rd of September and at 1pm in the afternoon, Tim Buipe a Papua New Guinea (PNG) national living in the Philippines with a single Rugby ball in hand (not even a League ball). Turned up at the Luneta Park Grand Stand area in Manila, having posted Facebook messages a week earlier that he was the new Philippines National Rugby League (PNRL) local Development Officer and was holding his first Rugby League tryout and training session in Manila’s, actually the Philippines most iconic National parks, because Luneta Park is also known the world over as Rizal Park, named after the Philippines National Hero!

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Independence Cup the 1st RL tournament in Cebu City Philippines


Date: 29/9/15

In celebrating their country’s 40th Independence Day anniversary in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea (PNG) students in Cebu City, made Rugby League history on the 12th of September, by playing the first ever Rugby League tournament in the Philippines second city.

Cebu City as with Manila is a popular destination for PNG nationals taking up tertiary studies in the Philippines.

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