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Twenty Moroccan rugby league coaches qualified in Casablanca

Morocco Rugby LeagueBy Phil Caplan, Date: 19/4/13

The Moroccan Rugby League Federation, MRLF, has conducted a first coaching course since becoming officially recognised by the RLEF in 2012. The course was run by the French Federation’s Thierry Dumaine, supported by FMRL coach-tutor candidate Anas Mansour, in Casablanca.

“This signals a major development in our country,” said FMRL president Mustapha Jedoual. “I would like to take the opportunity to thank Thierry Dumaine for his visit, for his valuable advice and for the commitment he showed to our cause.”

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Moroccan coach praises his team after debut

By Tony Munro, Date: 16/7/12

The coach of the Moroccan team which valiantly lost their game last week to a more experienced Lebanese Espoirs squad, Driss Aamoud, has praised his squad as "manly" saying they "applied themselves a great deal."

Unofficial reports, say the Moroccan squad, which was comprised entirely of players from the fledgling Moroccan domestic competition which kicked off in March, lost just 26-30 to the Espoirs after leading 20 to 4 at half-time, although these details have not been officially confirmed.

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MEP reverses attempts to block rugby league in Morocco

by Phil Caplan, Date: 12/7/12

The intervention of MEP Brian Simpson helped to prevent a major incident after the touring Lebanon Espoirs were prevented from entering the Berrechid municipal stadium to play a Morocco XIII.

The Moroccan rugby league - which Remond Safi, the Rugby League European Federation’s MENA Regional Director, has been heavily involved in forming over the past 18 months - were informed at 5.30pm the day before the scheduled match that permission to use the ground had been rescinded.

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NEWSFLASH: Moroccan Government prevents MENA Championship game being played

By Tony Munro, Date: 8/7/12

The Moroccan Government has prevented the scheduled Middle East North Africa Championship match being played.

The exact details are unknown at this stage, but according to Lebanese Rugby Football League Chief Operating Officer, Remond Safi, the Cedars are presently in Morocco as expected for their MENA game against Morocco.

"The MENA Championship has been blocked by the Morocco Government. The Lebanon [team] is in Morocco now," Safi advised Rugby League Planet via email. "The LRLF and RLEF will be issuing a press release about details of the blockage," Safi continued.

And of course, Rugby League Planet will post those details as soon as they are received.

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