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Canada makes adjustments for Fiji rugby league clash in Vancouver

By Brian Lowe, Date: 6/9/17

Following their upset loss to Jamaica late last month, the Canadian Wolverines have retooled for their first home international of the season against Fiji.

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Match Preview - Canada ready to spoil the party in Kingston


By Brian Lowe, Date: 24/8/17, Photo: Copyright © Davey Wilson

It’s all systems go for Canada as they get set for their first international of the summer, while making history at the same time.

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Extra Provincial Game Stiff-Armed

By Brian Lowe, Date: 27/6/17

The kybosh has all been put on the likelihood of an extra provincial game in Canada in the leadup to this year’s Rugby League Americas Championship.

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The Wolfpack: Breaking New Ground


By Brian Lowe, Date: 4/3/17

By now you would no doubt be aware of a new Canadian-based franchise that is about to make a splash in English, and for that matter, international Rugby League.

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