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Bennett to test England with clash against France ahead of Four Nations

Date: 5/8/16 (Photo SWPix)

Wayne Bennett’s first game in charge of England Rugby League will be against France in Avignon at the Parc des Sports on Saturday October 22 (6.30pm CET).

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History of Rugby league in England

One of the most popular sports in Northern England is rugby league, especially in its birthplaces such as Lancashire and Yorkshire. Rugby League is so popular in these heartlands as well as many other northern English towns that people watch more of it than football. If you are one of those rugby league fanatics, you can win tickets with http://www.australiancasinoclub.com. The game was referred to as “rugby” in those northern English territories while the rest of England normally called it rugby union.

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A History of Rugby League in England - Part 2

Previously we posted an article about the history of Rugby League in England that showed how the sport evolved in its own separate competition up until the Second World War. Many significant changes happened in the period up to the war such as the first radio broadcast of a game, the name of the game, and the first rule changes that defined at as a separate sport etc.

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A History of Rugby League in England - Part 1

One of the most popular sports in Northern England, even more popular than association football is Rugby League. Ever since the 15th century a form of rugby has been spreading across England, when it became standardized at the end of the 19th century. Out of it came Rugby League, and today Rugby League is played across England, but not as much as in North of England, especially Lancashire and Yorkshire, where the game originated.

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