Thursday, August 13, 2020
Leeds Rhinos

Tuimoala Lolohea Can Help Leeds Rhinos Get Back to the Super League Summit

  Leeds Rhinos are one of Super League’s most decorated clubs. With seven Grand Final wins since 2007, the Yorkshire side should be fighting it out at the top of the table on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Leeds have...

Best Rugby Players of All Time


A Great Game

There are few games out there that have a more dedicated fan base than rugby. Whether you prefer to watch it for the rough and tumble crashing of behemoths on the field, or for the more technical and graceful aspect of the sport, rugby continues to entertain the masses.

Should Rugby League Introduce Smart Contracts


The blockchain and smart contracts are going to change the way that professional sports contracts are conducted. This is great news for Rugby League players as contract deals become more complex with multiple parties involved. The change is not going to happen overnight but already many new companies are entering the space to utilize this new technology to create a much improved automated solution to contact dealings.


Russia Takes the Place of Romania at the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Russia Qualifies for 2018 Rugby World Cup After Multiple Sanctions Affect Romania, Belgium and Spain Russia is the lucky beneficiary of a surprise wave of sanctions applied to Romania, Spain and Belgium regarding their spots for the 2019 Rugby...
Albania Rugby League

Albanians make rugby league debut


Date: 22/4/18

Competitive rugby league was played by an Albanian team for the first time last weekend when RLC Tirana made their debut in the Balkan Super League. They travelled to Serbia to face Radnicki Nis, putting in a highly creditable performance, going down 38-0 in front of a crowd of over 500.

Cameroon Rugby League

Domestic rugby league to start in Cameroon



Date: 20/3/18

The Cameroon Rugby League, admitted as observer members to the RLEF last November, has announced details of its first season, which will start next month and include a domestic competition and a series of 9s tournaments at junior and senior level.


Dialogue is Needed to determine the Future of Our Beloved Game of Rugby


Anyone who has ever watched American football has seen that the players are covered from head to toe with massive amounts of protective padding. American football has always been the most violent sport. Some have said that the padding and helmets created the violence but the reality is that the violence was already there from the outset and the protective gear was developed in response to the huge number of injuries.

DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo joins rugby league


Date: 8/2/18

The RLEF board has awarded Congo Rugby League observer status. The organisation, which is recognised by the country’s sports ministry, is based in Kivu in the east, close to the Burundian border. CRL is constituted by seven community organisations.


Video Technology Controversy: Rugby and other Sports

  Recent report from Football lawmakers as it is reported on BBC claims that VAR used in 804 competitive matches increased the accuracy of decisions that can be reviewed to almost 99%. Indeed, as it’s reported in the 8%...

Rugby Star Slot Game



Date: 16/1/18

Lots of people really love the Rugby Star Slot Game. Given the popularity of the Rugby World Cup in general, it is obvious why a game like this is going to have a lot of enthusiastic fans. They might approach a game like this with the same sort of zeal that will motivate them to watch Rugby World Cup games in the first place.