Friday, August 7, 2020

£100,000 Bonus for every England player if they win the RLWC



Date: 23/6/15

England's players surely need no more motivation than just the idea of winning the Rugby World Cup on their home soil. Just in case, though, reports are that the players face a bonus of some £100,000 per player if they manage to lift the trophy in October at Twickenham.

Rugby League in New Zealand will receive boost from World Cup


Date: 4/8/17

With October fast approaching New Zealand will get many benefits with being co-hosts of the Rugby League World Cup.


NRL preliminary finals preview


Cronulla Sharks v North Queensland Cowboys

Allianz Stadium, Friday 7.55pm

North Queensland are set to travel to Sydney to face the Cronulla Sharks on Friday night, replicating their 2015 finals series schedule.

Gaming companies sponsoring Rugby Teams



Date: 5/8/16

Gaming companies sponsoring Rugby Teams is common these days. People now expect that kind of thing with football teams, but it seems that they are going to have to start expecting it with rugby teams as well. Gaming companies are now sponsoring a wide range of different sports teams because it makes sense for them to do so, and the exact sport really doesn't matter for the gaming companies. One sports team is as good as any other. The gaming companies are able to get the exposure and the marketing that they want and need. The sports teams are able to get the funding that they need. It is a genuinely good situation for everyone involved.

Cameroon Rugby League

Domestic rugby league to start in Cameroon



Date: 20/3/18

The Cameroon Rugby League, admitted as observer members to the RLEF last November, has announced details of its first season, which will start next month and include a domestic competition and a series of 9s tournaments at junior and senior level.


Video Technology Controversy: Rugby and other Sports

  Recent report from Football lawmakers as it is reported on BBC claims that VAR used in 804 competitive matches increased the accuracy of decisions that can be reviewed to almost 99%. Indeed, as it’s reported in the 8%...
Albania Rugby League

Albania become 39th member of the Rugby League European Federation


Date: 12/12/18

Albania has become the 39th member nation of the RLEF after they were granted Observer status, further strengthening the sport in the Balkans.

The 2017 Rugby League World Cup Overview




Date: 15/10/17

Rugby League World Cup is an event that millions of rugby fans across the globe are very enthusiastic about.

How Will Billy Slater Weather The Storm?


Date: 28/4/16

With Billy Slater’s NRL season finished and the ace fullback recovering from shoulder surgery, many are speculating that it isn’t just his season that’s over but also his career.

COVID 19: The Melancholic Impacts on The Rugby League

The current pandemic on Corona Virus has caused a dismal shock-wave all around the world. The phenomenon has led to an unanticipated public health emergency that has wiped out thousands of people and has plunged the economy...