Saturday, January 22, 2022
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How Women’s Rugby is Going From Strength to Strength

PHOTO, CAPTION: More and more women are getting into rugby More women than ever are playing rugby around the world. The numbers continue to grow year on year, and in 2019 there were...

How to use Middling Strategies to Bet on Sports

Many of the considerable sports betting payouts have come from placing bets on the middle which is a very difficult form of betting. But when it works, it is a highly lucrative bet machine of sports betting....

Rugby League continues to be a popular sport and here’s why

The popularity of rugby has been building up since the 18th century. Find out why this is the case with our detailed breakdown. What Has Defined the Popularity of Rugby League Over the...
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How to Bet on Rugby: The Complete Guide

Rugby as a sport needs no introduction really, the popularity of it reaches far beyond the imagination. Despite the love and adoration, many fans do not know how to bet correctly and efficiently on rugby games, whether...
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What Do Rugby Players Do When They Retire?

Times have changed and most clubs and teams provide their players with a welfare manager as well as access to a career coach. This is because the shelf life of players in the Rugby League is generally...
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What is in store for Rugby fans in the current global situation?

The Super Rugby Games of 2021  One of the most exciting games of the international sports scene is Rugby. Spanning across continents and countries, there are millions of players and fans who look forward...

Rugby World Cup 2021 – England Open with Fiji

The World Rugby governing body announced that the Women Rugby World Cup has been extended to 43 days, matching the men's World Cup's minimum five-day break. Travel to and from New Zealand, as well as a minimum of five days of...
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Most Competitive Rugby Leagues to Bet On

Photo Rugby can be a deceptively complex sport for newcomers. Scrums or lineouts? Restarts or rucks & mauls? Then come secondary considerations, like how viewers in the Northern Hemisphere can keep up with union...

René Bouscatel, The New Elected President of The National Rugby League (NRL)

The name of Paul Goze's successor is finally known. It was a campaign full of suspense and twists and turns. The General Assembly of the National Rugby League (NRL), meeting this Tuesday March 23 in Paris, elected...

5 Ways Rugby Fans Can Beat the Boredom of the Offseason

All sports have an offseason and rugby is certainly no different. This is a time where the players step away from the pitch in order to recover from injuries and spend time with their loved ones.