Sunday, July 25, 2021
Russia Rugby League

Russia Rugby League outline return to play plan

Aleksandr Kolikov, president of the Russian Association of Rugby League Clubs (ARLC) was part of the 70th birthday celebrations for former chess grand master Anatoly Karpov, president of the Union of National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia,...
Serbian Rugby League 2020

European Rugby League board confirm revised international schedule

Following consultation with member federations, European Rugby League (ERL) has reviewed the European international competitions scheduled for 2021. Taking into account the effects of the global pandemic on nation’s abilities to host and travel under...
Russian Rugby League tackle

Association of Russian Rugby League clubs receive support from Anatoly Karpov

The Association of Russian Rugby League clubs has received support and backing from former chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, who is chair of the nation’s Federation of National and Non-Olympic Sports (RUNNKS). Corresponding with ARLC...
Russia Rugby League

Rugby league returns to Russia thanks to help from All Golds

English Southern Conference side, Gloucestershire-based All Golds, has helped ensure the re-start of the Russian rugby league season. In the first match to be played since lockdown, in snowy Moscow, two selection sides from the capital, "Sparta"...
Ukraine 2020 Rugby League Grand Final

Mixed picture for rugby league return in Eastern Europe

Whilst there has been some notable activity in Eastern Europe - not least in Ukraine, Serbia and this weekend scheduled for Albania - greater coronavirus concerns has seen competition postponed in the Czech Republic and delayed in...
Ukraine Rugby League 2020

Rugby league makes a comeback in Eastern Europe

There has been a gradual return to rugby league action across eastern Europe following the interruptions of coronavirus. Serbia has been in the vanguard at senior and junior level, with leading club Red Star...
Russian Rugby League tackle

Russia’s fight for rugby league recognition

Russian rugby league has faced challenge after challenge in its battle for survival, but a committed band of individuals have refused to give up and are dreaming big. Unrecognised officially and facing opposition from rival rugby union,...
Serbian Rugby League

Signs of a return to rugby league activity in Europe

A round up of potential return to play activity across the RLEF regions following widespread lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, shows a varied picture. Positive signs have come from Czechia where Lukáš Hergott,...
Russian Association of Rugby League Clubs

Russian Rugby League Board appoint new president

The Association of Russian Rugby League Clubs board of directors has announced Alexander Kolikov as its new president. Kolikov has been involved with the sport in the country since 1983, and as a highly...
Russia Rugby League

New start for rugby league in Russia

A new board of directors has been appointed by the governing body for rugby league in Russia, the ARLC,  together with exciting plans for the future - after assistance from the Rugby League European Federation.