Friday, October 22, 2021
Middle East Africa Rugby League

Further rugby league expansion in Africa, and Montenegro granted Observer status

In encouraging news, the Middle East Africa region has put forward a new representative format that features a proposed four-tier competition with promotion and relegation. It will cater for the growing number of nations playing the sport...
Middle East Africa Rugby League

Middle East Africa Rugby League Federation steering group established

With significant increased rugby league activity - and more nations than ever before established and playing - the first steps have been taken to set up a federation for the sport in the Middle East and Africa...
Palestine Rugby League

Palestine Rugby League recognised by country’s Olympic Committee

Palestine RL, based in Bethlem and formed in 2014, has been formally recognised by the country’s Olympic Committee.

Palestine Rugby League

Palestine Rugby League gain Rugby League European Federation Observer Status

Date: 30/10/14

Palestine Rugby League has gained official accreditation from the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) – the governing body for the sport throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

The according of Observer status is seen as an important step in implementing the structures needed to create a consistent and well organised domestic competition alongside a credible international side.

Palestine Rugby League

Palestinian youngster adds to rugby league education in Salford

Date: 17/9/1

Palestine Rugby League has taken a further step forward with one of its many talented youngsters, Khaled Issa, having trained with Super League club Salford Red Devils.

Georgia and Palestine attend Rugby League European Federation Annual Conference

Date: 21/8/14

Twenty-four countries - 21 Members and Observers and three unranked nations – will attend Friday’s twelfth RLEF Annual Council Meeting and Conference at Brunel University, West London, ahead of this weekend’s Tetley’s Challenge Cup final at Wembley, where they will be guests.

Palestine Rugby League map

Rugby League Planet – Palestine snapshot and rugby league results


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