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Rebel Italian Rugby League stage last leg of the Italian Cup in Catania

Date: 15/3/15

Rome – the first major event of the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) is the Italian Cup (Rugby League 9’s) Finals are scheduled for Saturday, 21 March in Florence and thus rugby league returns to Tuscany, after the dispute of the successful second regional stage a few weeks ago.

Strong expansion at second Italian Cup event A wake up call

By Joel Morgan, Date: 26/2/15

Independent Blog

Officials labelled as “rebels” and “not in the best interests of rugby league” continue to prove their long-term commitment to rugby league and growing the ‘Greatest Game of All’ in Italy, as the Italian Cup (or Coppa Italia) for Central / North is launched under the ‘1st Open Day Rugby League’ event name and will see eight clubs participate across various categories, according to the FIRFL.

Italian Rugby League expands youth Championship

Date: 20/2/15

In preparation for what promises to be the most extensive domestic season in the modern history of Italian rugby league, the Federazione Italiana Rugby League has run three U18 training camps.

Overseen by national team coach Paul Broadbent and his assistant Kelly Rolleston, the technical camps began in Turin and ended in Brescia with 60 youngsters participating.

The code of rugby league is growing significantlty in Italy as Albinea aim to...

Date: 11/2/15

Rex Albinea Rugby League is one of the eldest clubs within the FIRFL movement and the team from Reggio Emilia will participate in the Championship organised by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) for a fifth time (2015 is the sixth season). Last year, the Emiliani again arrived one step away from snatching the Italian title from multiple-champions Gladiators Roma XIII in last year’s Grand Final and, from there will now need to start again from June.


Rebel Italian’s announce new rugby league club in Sicily

Date: 30/1/15

The Firfl has again continued to announce expansion for this upcoming season as the “preliminary stages” (regional knockout) of the Coppa Italia Rugby League (this year the format will be rugby league 9’s), which will see several new teams participate.

Cellacella Rieti Rugby XIII

Rebel Italian team Rieti confirms plans for 2015

Date: 25/1/15

Participating in the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) for the second consecutive year, the Cellacella Rieti Rugby XIII is read to give battle again in 2015, after featuring in th 2014 Championship Finals (the r-Evolution League) held last year in July.

“We hosted the Final Four (and Grand Final) and came third, remember - the player manager of the Rieti team Simon Martellucci said – and this year we will try to confirm at last that result.”

Rebel Italian Rugby League outline year ahead

Date: 22/1/15

Rome – It has been a year of important growth for the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) and another year is about to begin full of news. Pierluigi Gentile, secretary general of the Federation headed by David Massitti, discusses the federation about the recent past and looking into the future.

Fabrizio Ciaurro

Italian Rugby League Federation set to build on youth foundations

Date: 20/1/15

FIRL have announced plans for a weekend of U18s camps in February, in advance of the expansion of league competition at that age group.

The camps will be overseen by former GB international Paul Broadbent who has worked tirelessly for the domestic cause in Italy in recent years.

FIRFL Development

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League could expand championship

Date: 19/1/15

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL), the ‘unofficial rugby league body’ in Italy have announced early signs of expansion for their mid-year championship - the r-Evolution League (specifically, the Central Italian group). The first new city announced for the 2015 season is L’Aquila in the Abruzzo region, after another rugby league training session held was at a new FIRFL Sports Facility (centro sportivo “dei Rogazionisti”) in Grottaferrata, a sub-city in Rome on December 22 with 27 players present, but not only for some players from Lazio, but much wider in Umbria and Abruzzo.

FIRFL Social Program

Federazione Italia Rugby r-Evolution League – Grand Final


Date: 17/12/14

The FIRFL have been described as rebels, but despite these calls they do their best to provide support to disadvantaged children in Italy and provide initiatives to grow the game of rugby league, through being involved in programs with deaf children, disadvantaged children and organising general rugby league clinics.