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Rebel Italian Rugby League outline year ahead

Date: 22/1/15

Rome – It has been a year of important growth for the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) and another year is about to begin full of news. Pierluigi Gentile, secretary general of the Federation headed by David Massitti, discusses the federation about the recent past and looking into the future.

FIRFL announces new home at season launch

Date: 17/2/14

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) season was officially presented at a press conference at the Confapi Lazio in via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome on Wednesday 12 February, even infront of some well known journalists and media, including te major sports paper Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Federation Italiana Rugby Football League confirm partnership for deaf children

By Joel Morgan, Date: 17/2/13

The Federation Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) confirms a new successful partnership with the "Association Olivia” that deals with the integration of deaf children by offering them the opportunity to play a sport - in this case just Rugby League - alongside non-disabled peers. The partnership will enable our federation to increase both the awareness and participation numbers of the great game of rugby league.

Fabrizio Ciaurro

Italian League player Ciaurro has clear ideas about the future

Fabrizio Ciaurro, was born in Corboba (ARG) 24 years ago and is a rugby league player of Italian descent. After many years living in Italy, he has recently moved to Coventry to play Rugby League in the English league with Coventry Bears.

After this brief introduction, we asked Fabrizio to talk about his experience within the Italian rugby league.

BARLA tour of Italy 2015

The Italian Job – What is going on with rugby league in Italy?

By Rob Wilkinson, Date: 18/5/15

So. what exactly is going on with rugby league in Italy? Why the division and what lessons can be learnt for the future of the game, both in Italy and in other nations that are in a development phase?

For some of the answers, you'd be well advised to talk to Pierluigi Gentile, head of the breakaway Lega Italiana Rugby Football League and, by his own admission 'a rugby league revolutionary' who wants to spread the game as widely as possible across Italy.

Italian RL side celebrate historic season in French competition


Date: 19/4/17

Italian rugby league club Saluzzo Roosters have completed their debut season in French competition, celebrating by winning their final match of the campaign.

Italy A 2013

Italy and Lebanon revive Mediterranean Cup in clash at Sicily in June

Date: 23/5/16

After a ten-year hiatus, the Mediterranean Cup has been resurrected by the Italian and Lebanese rugby leagues.

FIRFL Social Program

Federazione Italia Rugby r-Evolution League – Grand Final


Date: 17/12/14

The FIRFL have been described as rebels, but despite these calls they do their best to provide support to disadvantaged children in Italy and provide initiatives to grow the game of rugby league, through being involved in programs with deaf children, disadvantaged children and organising general rugby league clinics.

Sicilian Select XIII and Lionhearts

Lionhearts win first of three game tour against Sicilian Select XIII

Date: 16/7/18

Sicilian Select XIII 0
North West English Lionhearts 70

Italian Rugby League

Jonathan Marcinczak “I feel Italian”

By Analia Pavan, Date: 15/5/13

Jonathan Marcinczak, 23 years old, is one of the Italian players born in England happy to represent the Azzurri and his family.

He was born in Bradford and West Bowling was his last team until the start of this season, when he moved to France to start his experience with the Albi Tigers.