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Coppa Italia Rugby League

Coppa Italia Arlecchini Gladiators win and progress to Semi Finals

By: Joel Morgan, Date: 3/3/13

Arlecchini win the Lazio semi-finals and now have a ticket to Catania for the National Finals.

Italy RL: The general assembly of F.I.R.L. Appoints New Board

By Tiziano Franchini, Date: 2/3/13

On 19 January 2013, the General Assembly of FIRL, elected the new Federal Executive Board, which will lead the Federation to its first World Cup.

Coppa Italia Rugby League: Lazio Semi-Finals

By Joel Morgan, Date: 22/2/13

The Semi Finals of the Italian Cup begin for the Lazio Group region this Sunday February at 11am at campo Comunale via Passo Cardinale, in Ceccano (Frosinone) to launch the full Coppa Italia di Rugby a Tredici tournament for the Federazione Italiana RFL in 2013.

Three Italians in England

By Analia Pavan, Date: 20/2/13

After the arrival of Stefano Cardella and Francesco De Milito to Coventry Bears ten days ago now it’s Fabrizio Ciaurro’s time to join the English team, he will arrive and be part on Tuesday.

First Rugby League Coaching Course in Italy

By Joel Morgan, Date: 6/2/13

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) is pleased to announce the establishment of our first level one coaching course throughout its participating regions. Running the course will be this year’s recently appointed Italian national team coach Tyrone Sterry.

FIRFL 2013 Season: Growth, Expansion and Internationals

By Joel Morgan, Date: 29/1/13

The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) presented the 2013 Rugby League season competitions on Saturday 26 January.

FIRFL to Launch 2013 Rugby League Season in Rome

By Matteo Visona, Date: 25/1/13

The FIRFL is now ready for the start of the new 2013 rugby league season with as official press conference scheduled on Saturday 26 in Rome.

Gladiators Roma FIRFL 2012 Winners

Gladiators Roma seal Italian Rugby League treble

By Joel Morgan, Date: 9/7/12

On a warm evening in the beautiful setting of the Tre Fontane dell Eur in Rome on Saturday, June 30 the Federazione Italiana RFL held the r-Evolution League Finals, the only national based rugby league championship in Italy. The best teams from the Northern and Southern Groups met in the morning semi-final clashes, until the third place playoff and Grand Final began from 6pm.

In the morning, the Spartans Catania (Sicilia) and the Magnifici Firenze (Toscano) both failed to overturn the odds placed against them and beat the top sides and last years finalists, Rex Albinea (Reggio Emilia) and Gladiators Roma. The Islanders lead by Massimo Nicotra (Director) against the Reggio Emilian lost 24 to 12, while the Florentines coached by Luigi Ferraro were overwhelmed by Roman armor 28 to 6. After a scheduled break to avoid the scorching heat that enveloped the capital, the Finals began later in the evening.


Federazione Italia Rugby Football League r-Evolution League – Grand Final

Press Release, Date: 29/6/12

After four weeks of Rugby League played from northern to southern Italy, the r-Evolution League reaches it’s final stage with the championship decider set for Saturday, June 30.

At stadio delle Tre Fontane in Rome’s EUR district, at the historical home of Rugby Romano, the finals of the 3rd r-Evolution League will be hosted. The semi finals will begin at 9.30am with 25 minute halves to allow for recovery and best performance for the later matches. The final four teams ranked from the group stage will compete for a Grand Final birth. Rex Albinea, who were first in the Central-Northern Group will challenge Spartans Catania from the South, while the Gladiators Roma winners of the Central-Southern Group battle with rivals Magnifici Firenze.

XIII Del Ducato Italian rugby league champions for the third consecutive year

Press Release: Date: 27/6/12

Defending champions XIII del Ducato from Piacenza retained the FIRL Championship title after a convincing 54-11 win in the Serie A Grand Final against newly-formed Ariete Este from Padova.

Kelly Rolleston, coach of the north-west regional side which takes in XIII del Ducato, said, "Congratulations to Este who showed a lot of determination and heart. I am pleased with how we played and it was clear that our experience over the last two seasons was a big part of our success. It was nice to see some of the new players really stamp their mark, like Giacomo Alfonsi and Davide Rancati; we were pleased with the whole day and the chance to play at home in front of our supporters.”