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USAG Roma lift Italian Cup in Tuscany

Rugby League team USAG Roma lift Italian Cup in Tuscany

Date: 31/3/15

Once again, the defending champions of the last edition of the Italian Cup, Usag Roma, have lifted the trophy again in 2015 at Campi Bisenzio, on a beautiful day in the climax of this year’s event, which saw a completely new formula.

FIRFL Under 17's

National U17 Team Selection for Rebel Rugby League in Italy

By Joel Morgan, Date: 27/7/13

After the very successful championship finals that were played at CONI Acqua Acetosa (Rome) on July 13 and 14 achieving national television and .major newspaper coverage for the activity registered by the FIRFL.


Rebel Italian RFL shows growth through its own Rugby League Godfather

By Joel Morgan, Date: 27/6/13

It has been four years since the dramatic formation of the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (originally IRFL until a small change due to Italian sports policy) in 2010. They say from humble beginnings a tree grows, well the seed was planted by current FIRFL President Davide Massitti, with Matteo Visona and "rugby league godfather" (as he is involved in every facet) Gladiators Roma President Pierluigi Gentile, who through his rugby contacts organised the original three foundation clubs in Gladiators Roma, whom he also coaches, Magnifici Firenze (Luigi Ferraro and Marco Matteini) and Spartans Catania (Massimo Nicotra).

4th Coppa Italia

Fourth Coppa Italia Rugby League on display at Avezzano

Date: 14/3/14

It’s arrived, the moment to award the first trophy of the Italian Rugby League season. The Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (FIRFL) officially opens the curtain on their 2014 season on Saturday at Avezzano stadium where there will be great celebration of rugby, which will see the 4th Coppa Italia won.

Coppa Italia Rugby League

Coppa Italia Arlecchini Gladiators win and progress to Semi Finals

By: Joel Morgan, Date: 3/3/13

Arlecchini win the Lazio semi-finals and now have a ticket to Catania for the National Finals.

Italian winemaker official sponsor of Azzurri in 2013 RLWC

By Peter Peters, Date: 11/6/13

The Riverina (Australia) based wine company Warburn Estate will be the official sleeve sponsor for Italy's first ever tilt at the Rugby League World Cup in Wales and England in October. Warburn Estate have supported the FIRL (Federation Italian Rugby League) throughout the qualifying period of the past two years and will continue through the World Cup campaign. Managing Director of Warburn Estate wines, Mr. Joe Sergi said his company was proud to be associated with the historic challenge by the FIRL side.

The code of rugby league is growing significantlty in Italy as Albinea aim to...

Date: 11/2/15

Rex Albinea Rugby League is one of the eldest clubs within the FIRFL movement and the team from Reggio Emilia will participate in the Championship organised by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League (Firfl) for a fifth time (2015 is the sixth season). Last year, the Emiliani again arrived one step away from snatching the Italian title from multiple-champions Gladiators Roma XIII in last year’s Grand Final and, from there will now need to start again from June.

FIRFL to Launch 2013 Rugby League Season in Rome

By Matteo Visona, Date: 25/1/13

The FIRFL is now ready for the start of the new 2013 rugby league season with as official press conference scheduled on Saturday 26 in Rome.

Italy RL: The general assembly of F.I.R.L. Appoints New Board

By Tiziano Franchini, Date: 2/3/13

On 19 January 2013, the General Assembly of FIRL, elected the new Federal Executive Board, which will lead the Federation to its first World Cup.

Italian Rugby Football League

National TV coverage in Italy as Rugby League team USAG Roma win the Italian...

By Joel Morgan, Date: 8/5/13

In the splendid setting of the Monti Rossi stadium in Nicolosi, Catania on Sunday, April 28 the finals of the Coppa Italia Rugby League were held by the Federazione Italiana Rugby Football League.

In front of over a thousand enthusiastic spectators for a new formula that saw three games played in the space of a few hours.