Friday, October 22, 2021
Middle East Africa Rugby League

Further rugby league expansion in Africa, and Montenegro granted Observer status

In encouraging news, the Middle East Africa region has put forward a new representative format that features a proposed four-tier competition with promotion and relegation. It will cater for the growing number of nations playing the sport...
Middle East Africa Rugby League

Middle East Africa Rugby League Federation steering group established

With significant increased rugby league activity - and more nations than ever before established and playing - the first steps have been taken to set up a federation for the sport in the Middle East and Africa...
Nigeria 2019 MEA Champions

2020 Middle East Africa Rugby League Championship postponed

Photo: Nigeria 2019 Middle East Africa Rugby League Champions The Rugby League European Federation board has confirmed the decision to postpone the 2020 Middle East Africa Championship, which was due to be held in...
Burundi Rugby League

First women’s rugby league games held in Burundi

History has been made in Burundi, with the first women’s games being held in Bujumbura.


Burundi rugby league pushes forward

Date: 2/8/17

Despite a lack of equipment and resources, and largely isolated from fellow rugby league organisations, the Burundi Rugby League continues to push the sport’s profile in east Africa’s Great Lakes region.


Sixth African nation joins rugby league family


Date: 13/4/16

Burundi has become the sixth African nation to join the international rugby league community after it was accepted as an Observer of the RLEF.