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Rugby league time Catalan v Hull FC #SLCatHul #RugbyLeague #SuperLeague
The team sheets are in for Scorpions v East of England under 20s at @CSEYstradMynach. Kickoff 5,15pm. #rugbyleague
RT @_MarkJTaylor: Lee Smith set to make Leigh debut against Oldham tomorrow #leighrl #rugbyleague
Will hear the thud all the way from the South of France when @PritchardFrank and Dave Taylor make first collision #rugbyleague
I love football but being at a game today I can't believe how players talk to officials. We can never allow this to creep into #rugbyleague
RT @rlinternetradio: still gpt time to be featured in next weeks Breakfast show monday 7am and the new podcast out thursday #rugbyleague am…
RT @rlinternetradio: ever wanted to present a show about #rugbyleague, need breakfast presenters tues to friday 7-8.30am. get in touch |I c…
RT @rlinternetradio: volunteers needed to help build the station if you love the game then get in touch #rugbyleague
RT @CadisheadRhinos: Full time rhinos 0 @BulldogsARLFC 10 great defensive effort from the rhinos something to build on for the new season #…
#superleague @ebay LARGE HISTORICAL RUGBY PHOTO OF THE NSW 1997 SUPER LEAGUE TEAM, T/S WIN: AU $... #rugbyleague
#superleague @ebay LARGE HISTORICAL RUGBY PHOTO OF THE NSW 1997 SUPER LEAGUE TEAM, T/S WIN: AU $... #rugbyleague
RT @BelleToujours_: We can see a busy Cathedral Road :) #rugbyleague #comeonwales
Going to watch @ScorpionsRugbyL tonight. Its that cold I shall probably be wearing all the clothes I own #rugbyleague #imustbemad

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#NRLAKL9s set the platform to grow #rugbyleague. It's now time to capitalise on its success internationally #IntRL
Cam Smith says players cant be available for everything thats why he choose #NRLAllStars over #NRLAKL9s but Greg Bird can + #Origin + #INTRL
World News: Two #RLWC2021 Qualifiers should come from Americas #rugbyleague #IntRL @USARugbyLeagu... #rugbyleague
World News: Two #RLWC2021 Qualifiers should come from Americas #rugbyleague #IntRL @USARugbyLeagu... #rugbyleague
Canada Twitter: RT @RugbyLeaguePlan: Two #RLWC2021 Qualifiers should come from Americas #rugbyleague #IntRL...
RT @RugbyLeaguePlan: Two #RLWC2021 Qualifiers should come from Americas #rugbyleague #IntRL @USARugbyLeague @Jamaica_RLA @CanadaRL... https…
RT @RugbyLeaguePlan: Two #RLWC2021 Qualifiers should come from Americas #rugbyleague #IntRL @USARugbyLeague @Jamaica_RLA @CanadaRL... https…
Eels win 2016 NRL Auckland Nines #IntRL #rugbyleague
Kiwi Ferns take out Trans-Tasman Nines series #IntRL #rugbyleague
Kiwi Ferns level the series #IntRL #rugbyleague
Jillaroos win opening encounter #IntRL #rugbyleague
@AlexDunnin @SerbianRL will aim to qualify for the 2017 World Cup later this year, against Spain, Russia, Ireland, Italy & Wales #IntRL
RT @IntlRL: Fulltime: @PhilippinesNRL 18 has defeated @SerbianRL 12 at Cabramatta's New Era Stadium tonight #rugbyleague #IntRL
Well done to @PhilippinesRL @SerbianRL on tonight's match 18-12 to #philippines #IntRl #rugbyleague

2016 Rugby League Results / Fixtures - International

Rugby League Results 2015

Dec 12th United States 34 v Canada 24, Jacksonville (Americas WCQ)
Dec 8th Canada 18 v Jamaica 18, Deland (Americas WCQ)
Dec 4th United States 20 v Jamaica 14, Jacksonville (Americas WCQ)
Nov 14th England 20 v New Zealand 14, Wigan (Test Match)
Nov 7th England 2 v New Zealand 9, London (Test Match)
Nov 7th France 32 v Scotland 18, Avignon (Euro Championship)
Nov 7th Ireland 4 v Wales 30, Bray (Euro Championship)
Nov 1st England 26 v New Zealand 12, Hull (Test Match)
Nov 7th England v New Zealand, London (Test Match)
Oct 31st South Africa 16 v Lebanon 50, Pretoria (Middle East & Africa WCQ)
Oct 30th Wales 14 v France 6, Cardiff (Euro Championship)
Oct 25th Lebanon 40 v South Africa 12, Pretoria (Middle East & Africa WCQ)
Oct 24th England 84 v France 4, Leigh (International)
Oct 23rd Scotland 22 v Ireland 24, Galashiels (Euro Championship)
Oct 17th USA 28 v Canada 34, Philadelphia (Colonial Cup)
Oct 17th Norway 30 v Sweden 20, Oslo (Nordic Cup)
Oct 17th France 31 v Ireland 14, Albi (Euro Championship)
Oct 17th Greece 4 v Spain 76, Athens (Euro Championship C)
Oct 17th Tonga 28 v Cook Islands 8, Campbelltown (2017 RLWC Qualifier)
Oct 16th Wales 18 v Scotland 12, Wrexham (Euro Championship)
Oct 15th Thailand 30 v Japan 6, Bangkok (Asian Cup)
Oct 10th Malta 30 v Greece 0, (Euro Championship C) Greece withdrew
Oct 3rd Czech Republic 14 v Belgium 4
Oct 3rd Niue 44 v Cook Islands 22, Wentworthville
Sep 26th Spain 40 v Malta 30, Valencia (Euro Championship C)
Sep 26th PNG PM XIII 12 v Australia PM XIII 40, Port Moresby
Sep 19th Spain 36 v Italy B 24, Alicante (Friendly)
Sep 19th Canada 36 v USA 28, Toronto (Colonial Cup)
Sep 12th Ukraine 4 v Serbia 64, Uzhgorod (Euro Championship B)
Sep 12th Russia 26 v Italy 6, Moscow (Euro Championship B)
Sep 5th Malta 22 v Ireland, Pembroke 34
Aug 29th Serbia 16 v Ireland 24, Belgrade
Jul 25th Czech Republic 12 v Sweden 40, Brod
Jul 18th Samoa residents 20 v Tonga residents 4, Honolulu (Ohana Cup)
Jul 18th Ukraine 12 v Italy 40, Kiev (Euro Championship B)
Jul 12th Ireland 34 v Belgium 0, Bray
Jul 4th Ukraine 20 v Russia 34, Belgrade (Euro Championship B)
Jun 20th Italy 14 v Serbia 21, Gemona (Euro Championship B)
Jun 20th Germany 46 v Netherlands 12
Jun 21st Belgium 34 v Malta 35, Leeds
Jun 13th Denmark 24 v Norway 12 (Nordic Cup)
Jun 6th Spain 16 v Germany 32, Valancia
May 24th Sweden 16 v Denmark 30, Lund (Nordic Cup)
May 22nd France A 68 v Serbia 8, St Esteve
May 16th Serbia 20 v Russia 15, Belgrade (Euro Championship B)
May 9th Latvia 12 v Spain 32, Riga (Euro Championship C RLWCQ)
May 3rd Australian 12 v New Zealand 26, Brisbane (ANZAC Test)
May 3rd Lebanon 34 v Malta 16, St Marys (Battle of the Phoenicians)
May 2nd Belgium 60 v Netherlands 12, Duivensteyn
May 2nd South Africa 4 v Niue 48, Campbelltown (Test)
May 2nd Samoa 18 v Tonga 16, Gold Coast (Pacific Test)
May 2nd Papua New Guinea 10 v Fiji 22, Gold Coast (Pacific Test)
Apr 29th Japan 52 v Thailand Stars 16, Tokyo (Test)
Apr 26th South Africa 32 v Philippines 28, Moorebank (Test)
Apr 18th Belgium 52 v Czech Republic 12, Brussels
Jan 17th Latin Heat 4 v Philippines 80, Bishop Park, Brisbane

Upcoming Rugby League Fixtures 2016

Jan 16th Latin Heat v Thailand, Canberra
Feb 13th World All Stars v Indigenous All Stars, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Jun 1st NSW v QLD, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, SOO Game 1
Jun 22nd QLD v NSW Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, SOO Game 2
Jul 13th NSW v QLD ANZ Stadium, Sydney, SOO Game 3
Oct 15th Wales v Serbia, Venue TBA Pool A (RLWCQ)
Oct 16th Russia v Spain, Venue TBA Pool B (RLWCQ)
Oct 22nd Serbia v Italy, Venue TBA Pool A (RLWCQ)
Oct 23rd Spain v Ireland, Venue TBA Pool B (RLWCQ)
Oct 29th Italy v Wales, Venue TBA Pool A (RLWCQ)
Oct 30th Ireland v Russia, Venue TBA Pool B (RLWCQ)
Nov 4th 2nd Pool A v 2nd Pool B, Leigh Sports Village, England (RLWCQ)